The Graham Johnson Cultrual Arts Endowment believes that by supporting the arts in our community we promote a creative economy and add to the quaility of life to our residents. People want to live in a community with culture, with a high quality of life. Wake Forest has a rich background of history, education, and tradition and continuing to develop the arts in our community will only make us stronger and enhance the lives of those who live work and play here.


    The GJCAE supports arts within the greater Wake Forest community. Programs supported include the placement of a J. Seward Johnson sculpture, "Yum Yum" (pictured at left) in historic downtown Wake Forest is located inside the front door of The Cotton Company. Friends of art, culture and the GJCAE are ecnouraged to drop in and have a photo op with Yum Yum.   Great keepsake for the kids and family. 

    The GJCAE sponsors and co-sponsors entertainment/arts for the Wake Forest Community.  In past the  Christmas Dinner acapella entertainment and sponsoring arts programs for local children at the Wake Forest Boys & Girls Club including variety arts are but two of the programs.