Is it possible that a simple iodine deficiency could be, a contributor depression?

Now I am NOT saying that iodine deficiency is the cause of all depression. It could be a contributor however for some people.

Below is a video where our friend talks about food sources of iodine, and in it he mentions the fact that an iodine deficiency could contribute to depression and/or anxiety.

Iodine is very important for thyroid function.

Thyroid hormones contain iodine. if a person is low in iodine, thyroid function could suffer. This could lead to depression.

In this video our friend shares 7 food sources of iodine. most of these iodine rich food sources I find quite yummy and enjoy including them in my diet.

Here is the List of Iodine Rich Foods

  • Sea vegetables like seaweed. help for example is a great source of iodine as are most all sea vegetables.
  • Cranberries can be a great source of iodine. I would choose organic cranberries when possible. Cranberry juice is an option but be cautious of the amount of added sugar. 4 ounces of cranberries contains 400 micrograms of iodine.
    It's important to note however when talking about fruits and vegetables that are grown on soil; - the amount of iodine in the soil makes a difference in the amount of iodine that it's in the fruit or vegetable. If a plant is grown in iodine deficiency oil it may be deficient in iodine itself.
    Gardens and farms near the ocean contain the most iodine. Soil in the interior of the Country, such as the Midwest, may be deficient in iodine. This has also been referred to as the goiter belt. This is because people living in that area tend to develop goiter more easily because of the iodine deficiency in the soil. Deficient soil means deficient plants. Which means deficient people.
  • Yogurt can be another good source of iodine. However some people have a sensitivity to dairy products and don't even know it. Others are well aware that they have problems with dairy.
  • Navy beans are a superstar of iodine
    Half a cup of navy beans contains 32 micrograms of iodine.
  • Organic strawberries are iodine rich. This is one fruit that I like to get organic whenever possible. Strawberries tend to be very heavily sprayed with pesticides, at least the conventional store bought ones. So personally I like to get the organic ones whenever possible. 1 cup of strawberries contains 13 micrograms of iodine.
  • Himalayan crystal salt makes a great replacement for regular table salt. Not only does it contain iodine, it has other trace minerals as well.
    1 gram contains 500 micrograms of iodine.
  • Potatoes with the skin on are also a good source of iodine.
    1 medium baked potato contains 60 micrograms of iodine.
  • There are also an abundance of iodine supplements on the market. if I was going to take an iodine supplement I would do some research on a particular type of iodine first to make sure I was getting a good quality supplement.

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