Organically grown from organic seed source vegetable and tomato plants available at HerbFest -

Pepper - Ancho Gigantia
Pepper - Jalapeno, Black Hungarian
Pepper - Fish 
Pepper - Long Red thick
Pepper - North Star
Pepper - Orange Bell
Squash - Multi Pick
Zucchini - Raven


Heirloom Tomatoes
     Beefsteak:  Heirloom type.  Red oblate shape, 12 ounces.  Likes long hot summers
     Brandywine (Red-Potato Leaf):  Large 20 ounce flavorful fruit.
     Cherokee Purple:  Dusty rose color.  The flavor rivals Brandywine.  Extremely sweet.  Productive plants, large crops of 12 oz. fruit.
     German Johnson:  Vigorous, hugh, meaty 14-22 ounce pink yellow fruit.  Low acid.
     Gold Medal:  Very little acid.  Large yellow streaked red firm and smooth tomato.  Winner of the 2008 tomato tasting.
     Green Grape:  Unique grape-like yellowish-green cherry tomatoes.  Extremely productive plants.  Spicy sweet 1" fruit.
     Hungarian Heart:  Hugh pink ox heart shape with few seeds.  One of our favorites for eating fresh, canning, and for making tomato sauce.
     Mexico Midget:  Hundreds of round 1/2" fruit with solid orange meat and a wonderful flavor.
     Mortgage Lifter:  Large 20 oz. pink, meaty with few seeds
     Moonglow:  Medium-sized bright orange fruit.  Orange meat, few seeds & winner of SSE's 2007 Heirloom Tomato Tasting.  Indeterminate.
     Pineapple Hawaiian:  28 oz. super sweet fruit.  Yellow with red streaks inside and out.  Listed as one of the top heirloom tomatoes by Rutgers.
     Roma:  Good tomato for sauce
     Ancho Gigantia:  Heart shaped 2"x5".  Matures to reddish brown.  Standard Mexican variety for stuffing.
     Cayenne Long Red Thick:  Dark green to red, 7" long.  Adds zest to dips, can be pickled.
     Fish:  Variegated foliage on 18-24" plants.  Fruit is 2-3" long and ripen from cream with green stripes to orange with brown stripes to all red.  .
                 Perfect for Salsa.  Medium heat.
     Jalapeno, Black Hungarian:  Thick walled black Jalapeno
     North Star:  Sweet pepper, green to red, sets fruit even in bad weather.
     Orange Bell:  Blocky 4" by 3 1/2" fruit.  Thick fleshed with excellent sweet flavor and heavy yields.

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