YouTube awarded The Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment a Non-Profit Partners Grant in 2010 to aid the mission and programming of the GJCAE.   The GJCAE Corporate Sponsorship Program extends those benefits to our sponsors.   Here are the benefits for your business or organization gained from supporting the GJCAE.


  1. 2-4 videos allowed on the GJCAE Partnership channel:  This special channel allows for linkage to sites other than YouTube, such as your own web site

  2. Annotations on the actual videos linking to url's of your web site, landing pages or other videos on Youtube or site such as Tubemogul.

  3. Permanent video ads on the adwords program - only on the non profit partners can one put in adwords type display, within the video, that come back to a call to action on your site

  4. Discounted Video production from our videographer - generally any 3 - 8 minute video will cost less than $175 to film

  5. Up to 2-4 videos tagged, categorized, annotated, on YouTube

  6. Embed code for you to put on your web site, Facebook page your videos - this is done so the potential customer stays on your site, rather than going to YouTube site to watch the video - increases response rate to call to action.

  7. Semi annual reposting of your videos to new audiences to increase visibility

  8. Keyword tagging of the video content so YouTube searchers can find and use your video

  9. Marketing help for SEO using video marketing as one of the tools.