Donate $10,000 To GJCAE and Get Over $7,500 Back In Value Plus Your Contribution Is Used To Help Promote The GJCAE Mission


Sponsor GJCAE Programming and We Give You Back $2,500 in Adwords Ads for PPC campaigns and Campaign Design Worth Over $5,000.


  In 2010 the Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment was the recipient of a Google Grant to assist in furthering it's missions.  The GJCAE implemented many PPC campaigns for the sponsors who support the GJCAE and in furthering the mission Google allows the GJCAE to use the Grant to help those who help us.   This is an outline of what we can do in helping our sponsors to establish an active,productive, money making Pay Per Click campaign for supporting the GJCAE.


  1. Campaign Design:  Campaigns are set up, Ad Groups established, Goals defined and location based geographical targets designated for ad distribution
  2. Keyword Analysis and Collection:  Adwords success is dictated by using all available tools to determine how a potential customer searches to find the company or products/services they want to buy on the internet.
  3. Ad Designs:  Ads are created using specific tools within the framework of Google that bolden your ads, move the ads to the top 1-4 positions, to increase not only the visibility of the ads but also increase the probabality of the ads being clicked on.
  4. Higher Quality Scoring:  The better the keywords lists are, then Google rewards the advertiser by showing the ads more often and at less cost.   We will establish ads and lists over time in the 70 - 100% quality range.
  5. Weekly Monitoring:  A successful adwords campaign can not be set up and ignored so we will monitor the campaign at least weekly and make changes to improve the advertising results including reducing the costs. 


    As part of the use of the Google GJCAE Grant here are the criteria we will use to increase the profitability of your sponsorship:

  • We will limit your cost per click to never being more than $1.00 per click
  • The landing pages (where the potential customer goes, "lands", when the ad is clicked) to a GJCAE url ( page) set up specifically for your campaigns
  • On your landing page(s) we will link to any articles, videos, social media pages on Facebook, Twitter or Meetup groups that will further the goals
  • Provide you quarterly the top keyword phrases, highest rated for effectiveness by Google, to you for your SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).  
  • Provide to you $2,500 of clicks at no cost to you. 


      During the course of the Campaign design, and implementation of your Adwords program,  we will offer free consulation on how to increase your web site and internet presence by incorporating design tips, videos, H1, H2 tags, and improved new content in articles for higher search engine rankings for your particular business.