To build your company sales team or to motivate your employees you got to have fun.  Our setting, the prizes, the laughs and excitement make N.C. Beach Bingo a great adventure and fun for your staff.   Enjoy this video of an actual session and we can tailor our sessions specific to your goals.   Call or email us for additional information. 





History of Bingo In The U.S.


   According to Mrs. Espinosa author of, Start a Bingo Hall, 1 in 8 people play bingo in the US and 90% of those players are under 50 years old with 35% under 35 years old. Contrary to popular belief bingo isn’t your grandma’s bingo anymore! Roots of Modern Bingo actually started all the way back in Italy during the 16th century - it was closer to a lottery than what bingo is known as today. The French made it the game it is today using 90 wooden discs in the 18th century, later the Germans adopted this method to create an educational game for children to learn their times tables. Today bingo is still considered a “brain game” which is why it is not gambling. It takes skill to be a successful bingo player.


    The name Bingo was not the original name, after a New York Toy Salesman saw the game called “Beano” being played at a carnival using beans as dotters on their numbered cards he adopted the idea and took it back to New York. Then one day as he was playing Beano with friends, a woman became so excited that she screamed Bingo instead of Beano. Alas, the name is born and the Bingo industry in the Americas is formed and became very popular within churches for fundraising efforts. According to Mrs.Espinosa, “By 1934 it was estimated more than 10,000 bingo games were being played a week and today, the national game grosses over $90 million a week in america alone.”


    The Bingo industry is forever on the upward trend despite the rules and regulations placed on the game. It became especially popular when the movie Beach Blanket Bingo came to the big screen. Here at The Cotton Company, an old Cotton Exchange Warehouse revitalized to house over 60 vendors selling gifts, jewelry, and more, we want to recreate and update this iconic movie. Using our non-profit, Graham Johnson Cultural Arts Endowment, which was formed in memory of Graham Johnson to reach out to students in the community and enrich their lives through the arts. We are using bingo to grow GJCAE as well as increase the profits and traffic in our close-knit community. We are proud to announce that we will bring the community together, enrich the lives of children in the arts and create a fun environment for families and friends to enjoy!



   Bingo is fun especially once you know the games to be played each session, and the level of speed the caller will use.  Bingo can be played by first timers, or seasoned veterans who enjoy rapid paced games.  This video is very short but explains what to expect when you enter a bingo hall or bingo parlor, about the basics of what you will find.   Instructional video for beginner bingo players.




    NC Beach Bingo is proud of being in the historic downtown Wake Forest  and we want to share our joy with you when you attend bingo.   Our sessions are set up so you can have a break to walk around and enjoy dining at our many fine restaurants including Las Margaritas, BackFin's Crabhouse, N.C. famous Shorty's Hot Dogs, or for lighter healthy fare, Lemon Tree or just a refreshing latte or cappucino at Wake Forest Coffee Company and many more dining options.   You can walk the entire area, feeling safe and welcome as you shop and explore.    We have 1 - 2 hour breaks between sessions so you can relax and enjoy the day with us, or grab a national award winning brew from our own microbrewery, White Street BreweryCannizaros Italian Pizzeria & Deli restaurant adjoins NC Beach Bingo and you can eat, food delivered inside the bingo hall, or dine outside on the deck of Cannizzaro's. 

    The Wake Forest Birthplace Museum is only 3 blocks away and the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary with it's lovely campus is across the street, open for walking, picnics and strolling the historic campus, home of the original Wake Forest University.  Some of our bingo prizes will include gift certificates to our many lovely shops and restaurants, including The Cotton Company with it's 72 artists, crafters and vendors.   For more about our customer friendly, southern charm downtown go here.


   The game of Bingo is over 2,000 years old and originally was referred to as Beano.   Bingo started as a form of entertainment and skill in pattern recognition and later dexterity as players play many cards at once for each game.  The speed of the caller, the number of cards being played at once, and the ability to play multiple winning combinations at once adds to the fun and skill necessary to play bingo.   

Enjoy this short video on the history of bingo / beano around the world.