I just saw this video on the Google blog, done by Googlers, and was so very impressed with the message being sent.  This is part of the Trevor project about the issues of being gay and the issues of low self worth, self esteem at certain moments in life.   The GJCAE is all about living for the moment and realizing situations are just temporary, don't over react but take the time to enjoy the moment and plan for the next.   One of the bottom lines for many people who commit suicide is those dastardly moments when self respect, self esteem, self courage is temporarily lost.   People do things that are irreversible, such as suicide.  We honestly believe the answer to survivial, to happiness, is to do all one can to help each person realize their own sense of self esteem and take pride in who they are and where they can go.

  Life Is For The Living and bad moments become good/great if one can survive an instant longer.   Relax, take a breath and know it only gets better.

  What an honorable video Google did, what grace and dignity shown by the employees you are about to see, and what a nice stepping stone to help all people, straight, gay, or somewhere in between to muster the courage to stay for another day.   Hope you benefit from viewing this video or can use the message to stop to help those who need a bit of encouragement during moments in life.