It's all about our attitude toward life. So very often we choose to take the route of disapproval, rather than of approval of nice things folks do that go unnoticed. I'm not trying to write about being a "goody goody two shoes".

  What so often goes unnoticed are the wonderful moments we have daily to take a breath and be happy noticing the very nice things others do to help. It can become an art form to take the time to notice and acknowledge. Does it make the person/company you say something nice feel good? Of course, but who does it make feel better? You, that's who.

   All of us know those people we absolutely hate to meet because we know their frame of reference is one of negativity, of disapproval of others. If you notice your own emotions you find they take up so much energy and sap your strength. You catch yourself grinding your teeth, your muscles tighten up, you are exhausted. Spend 10 minutes with them and all you want to do is take a nap, or in my case find the nearest local bar. There's strength in that red stuff!!!

  It takes very little effort to jump on the bandwagon when something goes wrong and to crucify the person or organization. We all make mistakes, including corporations, and those who represent them in their employ.

   I remember so vividly the late Woody Hayes, the famous coach at Ohio State for many years. He was a remarkable man, accomplished many great things, taught many young men and women to be better citizens and ran a clean program, but what do many remember him for? None of that.



Woody Hayes is remembered by many for a silly, crazy punch he took at a Clemson football player who had intercepted a pass and shut down OSU's hopes of winning an important football game. It did not matter Woody was about 70, the player was in football gear including helmet, and that Woody was in street clothes and emotionally charged, but basically harmless. Woody payed the price for losing his cool by losing his job with it. I have no problems with the outcome.

  What is the problem is how that one tragic event led millions to remember him for that one moment in time. His legend expanded over decades of good positive work, but for many that is not remembered. It is essential to take the time to keep things in balance, in perspective of the bigger picture. I know for me that can be very difficult.

  The negatives are so very easy to see, the good takes some time, some persistence and most importantly some thought into the overall totality of the situation, not just now but also in the past. It's also a good procedure, in order to accomplish tasks, to take the time to find something nice to say before ever saying a negative.

  Now none of this is about really what one has or has not done. It's all about our own personal development of a positive attitude.

  It's about forgetting turning on the news nightly to be inundated with negatives, videos of bad things people have done, fanatical beings doing self serving acts. It's about seeking out the good, that never draws much attention and making it a habit to find the time to compliment, prior to or rather than, criticizing. Failing to achieve this can easily lead us into becoming that "miserable person" no one wants to be around, yet that very same person wonders why they have no friends. Therefore be certain to not make the mistake of forgetting this essential step..

  If you can find the time to be critical then make sure you equally find the time to say something nice or do something nice for good deeds or works of others.

  Don't fall into the trap of negativism. Create the habit of positive attitude. It takes a little more work but over time it becomes so much easier to do and is more appreciated by your friends.

  In closing only one other thought----- Last but not least, Go Michigan!!!! :)

Here is a great example of a good company, very large also, Google, who daily is doing good for us yet rarely will it ever make the news. This unnoticed act to help foster our charity will move us forward successfully. Enjoy our video thank you for job well done to Google.