Email sent to a UNC student, Ben,  from another UNC student, Austin, offering to help with the Pauper Players Cabaret production at UNC to benefit the GJCAE.   The Cooper family has always been very involved helping every event ever done by The GJCAE.  



Good afternoon Ben,

   My name is Austin Cooper and I feel sure that Bob has at least thrown my name into the mix throughout your email correspondence with him. I was very excited when he notified me that a group on campus wanted to work with The Graham Johnson Cultural Art Endowment. Graham and I were classmates and friends and I have been involved with the GJCAE since its creation about 5 years ago. As both a volunteer and as a student I have gained invaluably from the work the Endowment has done. While in high school, they brought several writers, musicians, artists, and performers to my campus each semester to enhance the education of all of the students. These experiences were incredibly educational and enjoyable for all of the student.

   Needless to say, I think that any relationship you can forge with the Endowment will be worthwhile and appreciated.

   Further, I would love to meet you and talk more about what it is the Pauper Players are planning to do. I live on campus, I am also an employee at the Union with Production Services, and I have several years experience with the GJCAE so I would love to help in anyway I can.

   I look forward to meeting you in person and talking more.

Thank You,

-Austin Cooper
UNC Sophomore